Knead to Know

Above: Emily Butts; baker extraordinaire, cat enthusiast

Above: Emily Butts; baker extraordinaire, cat enthusiast

A little bit about me; I love bread, I love puns, and I love people.

I grew up in southern Indiana and moved to New York for college immediately following high school. I graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 2013 and moved to Kingston, New York for another year to work at Bread Alone bakery. I learned a lot in that year while I mixed thousands upon thousands of pounds of bread dough, but finally decided it was time to move back home.


My parents opened Coffee Crossing when I was just ten years old. I’ve been around the coffee industry even longer than I’ve been baking, but I love how they go hand in hand. I started baking all of the pastries for Coffee Crossing in August of 2015 when the Jeffersonville store opened. I thought that this was my dream, however I quickly became frustrated. I loved being able to bake quality products and try new things, but I hated being alone in such a small space.

This unhappiness led me to search for other possible baking locations. The first few spaces that I found and contacted did not work out. Finally, my dad was approached about a possible location in downtown New Albany. We went to check out the space and it exceeded my expectations.

Exposed brick, hardwood floors, and art deco exterior were only some of the highlights. I could already picture the over 4,000 square feet of space being used for baking fresh artisan breads, pastries, and an espresso bar. Over 3 months of meetings and inspections went by and then a lease was signed.

Now we come to today. This space at 140 E Main Street is in progress of becoming a bakery. A patio is being built for outdoor seating, the lower level is getting fitted with plumbing, and soon we will be open for business.

Love fiercely. Bake passionately. Serve humbly.


Mitchell Morris